There are many different sizes that the wreathes come in…

• 24” with 200 tips
• 36” with 320 tips
• 48” with 580 tips
• 60” with 1200 tips
• 72” with 1400 tips
• 96” with 1800 tips


In addition to the given sizes and tips, we can also create 10’ and 12’ wreathes to order. These wreathes can be small or large, but one thing is certain, these wreathes are beautiful pieces of décor!

Blended Wreaths

A uniquely Winterland Inc. piece of décor is the blended wreathes. We are the only company who produced and sells this type of wreath. What makes this wreath so unique is that unlike the sequoia the blended wreath is made from 4 different pine tips. The pine tips are long needle, fir, Douglas, and sequoia pine tips. They are a beautiful arrangement of pine tips on a wreath! These beautiful wreathes can only be bought from Winterland inc. and therefore will not be used by many people because of their uniqueness!

Sequoia Wreaths

Sequoia wreathes are a beautiful way to display a traditional wreath! These wreathes are lush, and full of rich green! The wreathes derive their namesake after the type of pine tip that encompass the wreathes. People hang them on doors, on windows, in cars, and in every nook and cranny that wreathes can be displayed.

Christmas Collection Wreaths

The Christmas Collections are pre-designed styles that are extended onto our beautiful wreathes! Without any work at all, you are able to select a style that you like and your work is done! The Collection is the added to a wreath and shipped to you! Each collection is UV rated for indoor and outdoor use, and all the ornaments are shatterproof! These wreathes are a simple and astonishingly beautiful way to decorate any space, whether a home or an office!

Battery Operated Wreath

Battery Operated Wreathes are a great way to light up a space without cords, or in areas that do not have outlets or outlet capabilities. Because the wreath is self-contained, it can be hung anywhere and shine its beautiful lights into the night sky! They are perfect for places that need a quick decorating, or as a center piece in an area where there are no outlets, as well as where there can be no cords or wires. The Battery Operated Wreathes come in both a ball and sequoia wreath. The ball wreath is 16” and the sequoia wreathes are 2’ and 3’. These wreathes are great pieces for anywhere, and in any circumstance!

Commercial Wreaths

For the business or individual looking for outdoor use in a wreath, or just for sturdiness and durability against the elements of weather, Commercial Wreathes are for you! The wreathes are reinforced by plastic powder coated for indoor and outdoor use, and are constructed of only the highest quality materials. Normally made to be assembled and disassembled for many beautiful years of use! The Commercial Wreathes are the epitome of beautiful Christmas décor, while remaining durable against the worst that mother nature has to offer!

Ball Wreaths

Ball wreathes are a way to hang up a wreath, but not a traditional one made of pine tips! They are made from differently colored balls, all coming together to create a wreath! These pieces are the perfect alternative to a traditional wreath, without surrendering the idea of decorating with a beautiful wreath. Winterland Inc. takes great pride in offering the Ball Wreathes, in all their glory of color and style. Don’t forgo the love and wonder of a wreath just because you do not want a traditional wreath, because Winterland Inc. has the perfect solution with the Ball Wreathes!