Silhouette displays are as they sound. They are a frame that is shaped into the form of whatever the design calls for. Once the frame is built, lights are added so that the displays have a more glamorous feel to them. That definition is the very basic, base–line definition. At Winterland Inc. we do not settle for the simple, for something that will not last, or that is not a magnificent show of lights and seasonal spirit. Each and every single silhouette display that we manufacture in our facilities is top of the line. Something that may surprise some people is that all of our silhouette displays are 100% made in the United States of America, and the frame has a 6 year warranty. With everything from our clothes to our home appliances being manufactured overseas, it must be refreshing to know that something from start to finish is made in America.

Each display’s frame is entirely constructed of high quality steel, and welded by our extremely qualified and talented welders. Even though the frames are made of steel, the metal is susceptible to the elements, and natural corrosion such as rust. For that reason, the frames are powder coated to ensure durability, and prevent corrosion. The powder coating comes in either black or white. Once the frame is complete, lights must be administered to the frame. The bulbs themselves are attached to commercial grade cordset. The bulbs are Minleon retro-fit C7, and have a 2 year warranty. Depending on the display, dimmable or non-dimmable lights may be used. We also will use frosted lights on certain displays to give the illusion of depth. The Winterland Inc. silhouette displays are all around high-quality, beautiful displays that anyone can take advantage on. No matter what the atmosphere, occasion, theme, or season, Winterland Inc. has a silhouette display perfect for you!

Peeking Displays

We have created silhouette displays that appear to be peeking out of a pre existing building, tree, or other structure on your current property. The secret of how we make the dollar go far is that instead of building the bottom half of a deer, elf, Santa Clause, etc., we build the top half to “peek” out from an object or building. Now instead of breaking the bank decorating, you can now purchase many “peeking” displays that require no new structure to build on, but can be tailored to fit pre-existing object such as a tree, your own building, and just about any fixture you have! Just because the pieces are only half the size of full silhouette display, does not mean that are not any less magnificent. Each piece can be placed on a roof, or to the side of a building to show Christmas cheer.

Silhouette Gallery

Penguin Winterfest

Poinsettia Patch

Christmas at the Theme Park

The Grinch

The Nutcracker

Traditional Christmas

Frosty the Snowman