Nonetheless, flowers are always a beautiful way to decorate and display freshness. The only problem one faces is… How to you get flowers in the middle of winter to last longer than a week? 

Our staff can design just about any arrangement you wish. We do everything from Fall Decor, Easter / Spring Time Decor to Summer Decor!


The smell of flowers is always something that people look forward to after a long winter. But lets be honest, those who have allergies, smelling flowers isn’t exactly enjoyable. Or for the person who sticks their nose into a beautiful Tulip only to be face to face with an angry bee, flowers are not pleasant. 

 Winterland Inc. has a solution. We have Picks that are the perfect complement to any atmosphere. From a simple solid color, with little grandiose but lots of beauty, to a pick full of life and color, something that fits well with specific color sets. They are easily put up and taken down, for ease of use. Because of their relatively small size, the picks are easily placed into storage, and because all the materials are UV coated for indoor and outdoor use, the products are durable, and prepared for the worst. These beautiful pieces accent colors in any atmosphere you place them in. Our designers take great pride in creating chic pieces that are extravagant and beautiful, but not gaudy by any means. Combine many different colors to get the perfect scheme for your home or business! These picks can be purchased individually to place anywhere! They can accent a wreath, garland, or anything else you can think of! Perfect for any time of the year, the picks can be used during any holiday, or during any season!