Have a specific theme in mind? Is there a certain wow factor that you want incorporated into your decorations? If you answered yes to one or both of those question then you need one of our design packs.

Winterland Inc. carries over 20 colors of ornaments they range from 2” to over 100”, as well as offering pre-wired, UV stabilization, and bulk ornaments. Ornaments are a universal decoration that can be used in countless fashions. Add them to a tree, garland, or use them as décor around the house.

Ornament Design Packs

Each pack comes in as little as 4 ornaments all the way up to 102 ornaments in a pack. Each ornament pack is vastly different from the other. Ornament packs may cater to a color, a size, a look, or it may be something completely different! All the ornaments are UV coated for use indoors and outdoors. To add to the great features of the ornament packs, all the ornaments in the pack are shatter-proof! The ornament packs are an accent piece foremost. They are not designed to be the star, but bring out more colors and more eye catching points in your decor. Let them shine!


There are several different styles to choose from in the packs. There are teardrops, onions, rounds, finials, candies, and icicles. Each one can provide a different look and feel to your decorations. Unique textures from each piece will bring a new feel to your home, business, or building, with our ornament packs. The pieces are textured by their shape and the tones that create the ornaments. No matter what your theme, style, or color is we have an ornament pack to fit! Let our finial packs add a sense of enchantment, onions shapes that put a swirling gracefulness to any decor theme that you can think of. In being able to simply purchase an ornament pack, for a small household tree, or for a large building with endless amounts of decorations, is a win-win situation! Is there a certain color that you need? We can custom design ornaments to fit your requirements!