Lights to Music is a visual and auditory experience that far exceeds any display of lights. When you want to stop people in their tracks, lights to music is what you desire. The combination of lights virtually dancing to your favorite music is something from science fiction. But the reality is, that lights to music can be utilized by all in your Christmas lights, or during any season!

Lights to Music is synchronized lights based on the beat of music and the coordinated lights that flash on and off in corresponding rhythm with the music. The movement of the lights comes from the twinkling, flashing, and flaring all controlled by a Light-O-Rama controller. The controller determines what lights turn on and off in the duration of the song being played. If your lights are on a building such as an office building, or a home, you might want the lights to flow up and down or side to side. On a Christmas tree, for example, you might want the lights to swirl around the tree in a coiling fashion. The controller allows for 100% customization in coordination with the music.


When you decide that Lights to Music is the path that you want to take, we suggest having at least 3-5 songs in mind that you want to be played and synchronized with the lights. Whether you want traditional Christmas songs for the Holiday season, or a dubstep remix for lights during any season, we can create the display of auditory and visual magic that you desire! Different light formations are triggered during different times to create the flow. A beat drop, or key note change might trigger certain lights to cut out or to cut in. All of this is dependent on what you want to occur. Depending on the beat, tone, speed, and volume of the song, determines how the lights move. Lights to Music can be applied to any place.

The Lights to Music displays use LED lights to make the magic happen. LED lights are a much more durable, and bright adaptation of the traditional incandescent bulb. LEDs have many benefits in comparison to incandescent bulbs and here a few!

  1. They have a 200,000 hour life; roughly 23 years of Holiday lights
  2. 1/10th of the consumption than that of incandescent lights
  3. The lights are 100% recyclable when their life is over
  4. The LED lights never fade! The color of the bulb is in the lens itself, not the bulb
  5. The lens is made of a polymer plastic seal system, rather than glass which break and are dangerous
  6. The LED lights are completely water proof
  7. There is no heat emitted, perfect for being around small children or foliage
  8. Sealed systems prevent people from pulling out the lamps
  9. The one light system, if one light goes out the rest will continue to shine
  10. The colors are the most vibrant in the Pantone chart!

Lights to Music use the best technology, and the most quality products when creating this magical display of music and lights! No matter the season, no matter the songs, Lights to Music creates magic when the lights turn on! Have more questions? Contact us today or give us a call at 1-800-788-9627 Monday-Friday from 8a.m. to 5p.m. EST, or email us anytime day or night at . If you can dream it, Winterland Inc. can build it!

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