Just Getting Started?

Winterland has dozens of pre-designed themes including the appropriate lighted silhouettes to bring the magic to your drive through light parks. We’ve listened to our customers over the years and accumulated a very impressive stable of light park fixtures.

There are very few requirements when it comes to creating a Light Park. In fact there is only 1 requirement, a driving force person who loves Christmas! The next phase after you have decided that you are going to create a light park is a site where you can hold the park. The site needs to be visible from a major highway. The length of the park should range anywhere from half of a mile to a mile and a half, and to ensure the best park possible, make sure there are turns and twists in the road! One of the things a light park needs is a power source. You can power the park with a generator, but what many people prefer to do is use real power.

Marketing is Everything

Next you need to have a media plan. This park is designed to be a low cost, high quality, family friendly and entertaining park! Make sure that the Light Park is properly marketed. From TV to newspapers, and local radio stations. The park is only as good as the amount of people in it!


There are multiple ways to get sponsorships when it comes to the Light Park. Have companies, or businesses sponsor displays, and get advertising in return! Sponsoring is a low cost impression, and it only lasts 40-60 days. When sponsoring a display there are numerous opportunities to do things such as product sampling, coupon vouchers, meet and greets, team building exercises, and most of all give back to your community!

Now What?

Now that you have decided to build a Light Park, there are important things that must be addressed. There is ample opportunity for charitable events. Free beverages can and should be provided by the media. A great way to expose the park to people who haven’t been is to make the first Monday in December a free night! There needs to be religious recognition, to appeal to a mass amount of people. The park needs nightly security from a consistent personal that must be paid. The park also needs staffed, from a drive-through system. Inclement weather needs to planned for and broadcasted so the status of the park can be known nightly. The traffic in the park needs to be kept to a pace so that congestion does not occur, because congestion means less money. Hours of operation must be set, usually by a Sunday to Thursday and Friday to Saturday schedule.


After the foundation of the Light Park has been set, the flexibility begins! There are free photos with Santa, and online ticket sales with discounts for various reasons. All these things can be used to draw more attention to the park, and create more sales. There are also many “nights” where there can be a theme, or a reason for celebration. Examples would be military night, senior night, educator’s night, and any other theme you can think of! Light Parks are a great way to spread awareness for a group or a cause. No matter if it is a goodwill charity, or a group of people raising money. Light Parks are perfect for raising money for any kind of group or cause!

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