Ghosts and goblins, witches and warlocks, all have been thought to be scary. Here at Winterland we have turned them into family friendly, fun loving displays for the enjoyment of all! Today's Halloween has become very dark, something for from a nightmare than from the simple ghosts, witches, and Frankenstein. Halloween should be characterized by groups of children trick-or-treating in their neighborhood. Many people remember the crisp autumn nights when they dressed up as their favorite character, scary or not. Here at Winterland Inc. we wanted to make Halloween fun for all, no matter the age.

WL-PKN-4ST-06-JACK.jpgFrom Count Dracula, to Frankenstein, Pirates, and more! Winterland has a vast collection of different polyresin statues to celebrate the Halloween season! What better way that to celebrate with ornate and detail oriented statues that are fun for the family. Whatever forte your business is, you can always use a little decoration, no matter the holiday or the situation. With our polyresin statues, you can display our amazing pieces and turn heads. Halloween is a time that should be accented by children, and family fun, and that is all being returned. With our polyresin displays, children have nothing to fear, all while still having decorations! The statues range in size. Some are up to 7' such as our Frankenstein, or 6' like Dracula. Others are much smaller though, like the Pirate and the Jack O' Lantern. Celebrate Halloween the way it was meant to be celebrated with Winterland Inc. With all the varieties of Halloween polyresin statues, we are sure you will find one that tugs at your love for the Halloween season. Witches and warlocks don't always have to be scary and Winterland Inc. is always merry!




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