We have over 60 different pieces to choose from, and they are not just limited to Christmas! These pieces are all life size, or life like in nature, from Santa’s that are the size of the average man, to candy pieces that are 5and have a base to stand upright. Each piece is extra-large, and not something you see everyday.

There are several different categories that the pieces fall into, ranging from Nutcrackers to Halloween. The pieces are made of polyresin fiberglass material and are UV coated for indoor, outdoor use. Each piece has countless applications in many different settings. The pieces can stand alone, or be the centerpiece of a theme. The pieces don’t have to stand alone, they can be with any number of the other pieces? What is a male reindeer without is girlfriend? What is a pirate without his swashbuckling lady of the seas? All the pieces have so many possibilities that it is impossible to list all of them!


The polyresin pieces are a crowd favorite, from 8 to 80 year olds, the piece will be adorned over anywhere you put it! We have pieces in the following collections: SantaFunny ReindeerCarollersNutcrackers, Candy,Gingerbread family, SnowmenSnowman FamilySanta MailboxSanta Sleigh and StagPenguin FamilySnowman bench, Halloween collection, and the Pirate collection. Between all of the different categories of polyresin pieces, we are sure that you will find the perfect piece, or pieces to fit your decor this season, or any season! Bring out the wonderment in children and adults when they see life size Santa’s, snowmen, pirates, and nutcrackers! Nothing is quite as unique, or “larger than life” than our life size and life like polyresin statues and figurines. Each style, size, and color can be made in any number you need!

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