Blended Garland is a piece of décor that you can only get through Winterland Inc. We are the only company to offer this type of garland style. It is made from 4 different types of pine tips: Douglas pine, Sequoia pine, fir, and long needle pine. Garlands are a piece of decoration that everyone has seen, or used no matter the location! People hang them on doors, on windows, and in every nook and cranny that garlands can be displayed. From large ornate garlands stretching many feet, decorated in a variety of colors and lights that illuminate the setting that are advertised in, to smaller more simple garlands, with nothing to prove but everything to resemble.

Sequoia Garland is a traditional style with quality assembly. That is how we describe our sequoia garland. It is a beautiful and elegant way to decorate with the assurance of quality material. The sequoia is named after the sequoia pine tips that adorn the garland. They are rich in color and in quality. The garland is 9’ in length and has 280 sequoia pine tips on it. The width of the garland is 14” and can be adjusted to be smaller.


Mylar Garland is close to our hearts. It is 100% made in the United States of America. In addition to being made in the United States, the Mylar garland is UV stabilized and can be used indoor as well as outdoor. This garland comes in many different colors other than green, so it can be displayed in a multitude of settings!


Pine Garland is the perfect way to decorate during any holiday. The pine garland is an alternative to the traditional Sequoia pine garland, or the Winterland Inc. exclusive blended pine garland. The pine garland is made of PVC material, making it flame retardant. The tip count on the pine garland is 200. The pine garland is beautiful, and can accent anything, in any atmosphere!


Tinsel Garland is one of the classic pieces of Christmas décor is the tinsel stand, and we are proud to offer beautiful arrangement of tinsel garland! No matter if you are decorating your home or an entire mall, the tinsel garland is an elegant way to decorate. The 2 ply metallic covered tinsel reflects and refracts the light. Coming in 100’ sections, with 2” in diameter, the size of the tinsel will fit anywhere! Tinsel Garland from Winterland Inc. is sure to accent all places it is placed in!


Our garlands are flame retardant and are UV coated for indoor/outdoor use and application.

Custom Garland

Our Custom Garland is going to blow you away! If you are like many other people, finding the perfect design for your Christmas décor can be challenging. Winterland Inc. has the perfect solution, pick your own design! There is no need for you to assemble and create your own design, or spend money on décor that isn’t really what you want. Now you can create your own design with no hassle to you! Just contact us with a design or colors that you want and we can turn that into eye catching garlands specifically for you! The best part is that we can make the garlands any size you need!

Christmas Collection Garland

At Winterland Inc. we have a team of highly experienced decorators, who have done your decorating work for you! Why take the time buying and compiling decorations that may or may not be the color you desire? Our decorators have created a collection of different schemes for the Holiday season. We have done this for ease and convenience. Your time is precious, and spending time and money trying to find a color scheme, or Christmas theme to fit your business can be very time consuming.



Our Christmas Collections have been refined to fit a broad range of scenery, and with 12 different Collections, we believe you will find a Collection that fits your business. Each Christmas Collection has a core set of colors that reflect the name they are given. Artic, Candy Fiesta, Ice, Mardi Gras, Modern, Royal, Tropical, Treasure, Traditional, Victorian, and Woodland make up the Collections. These colors can mesh well in a variety of atmospheres. Our “Arctic” theme pairs well with any Christmas decoration because of its versatility. The “Arctic” theme is also good for the whole winter. Christmas season is short, but the “Arctic” theme can last from Christmas to whenever the ice melts! Our “Tropical” theme is a very popular theme, because it offers an alternative to the traditional Christmas decorations. For the customer in the south, or who’s business is tropical themed, our theme is perfect to resemble the colors of the beach. Our point is that for any circumstance, scene, atmosphere, or theme Winterland Inc. has a Christmas Collection to fit your needs!