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When you are looking for an efficient, beautiful, durable way to light your home or office during the Christmas season, look no further. Our string lights are the best and most efficient way to light a home or business! Coming in a variety of bulb sizes (5mm, M5, T5, G12, C6, C7, and C9) and lengths (8", 8.75", 11.5", 12.5", 16.5", 17.5", 23", 25", 33", 50", 66.5" in varying count sizes) the string lights are a sure-fire way to have beautifully vibrant Christmas lights, all without the hassle of complex set up! String lights have pre-installed bulbs attached to them, and stretch out to their final length. Each end has a standard plug, or Winterland, Inc. offers commercial grade string lights too! These come with a twin pin connection! These indoor and outdoor lights are wonderful for shining brilliant Christmas lights into the night, or a great item for decorating around the inside of a home or office. No matter what you need the string lights for, they will perform and perform brilliantly! The lights come in a multitude of colors (Multi, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Gold/Yellow, Purple, Pink, Frosted Green, Burgundy, Pure White, and Warm White) and each bulb is an LED chip. We also offer the three standard wire colors of green, white, and brown, but we can do custom wires! With LED lights there are so many benefits, here are just a few of them!

  1. They have a 200,000 hour life; roughly 23 years of Holiday lights
  2. 1/10th of the consumption than that of incandescent lights
  3. The lights are 100% recyclable when their life is over
  4. The LED lights never fade! The color of the bulb is in the lens itself, not the bulb
  5. The lens is made of a polymer plastic seal system, rather than glass which break and are dangerous
  6. The LED lights are completely water proof
  7. There is no heat emitted, perfect for being around small children or foliage
  8. Sealed systems prevent people from pulling out the lamps
  9. The one light system, if one light goes out the rest will continue to shine
  10. The colors are the most vibrant in the Pantone chart!

With the beautiful LED lights, there are also many different styles of string lights. The styles are 5mm, M5, T5, G12, C6, C7, and C9! Each style has its own unique features and size! Take advantage of these great lights by Winterland, Inc! No matter your needs or purpose, these efficient, beautiful and durable lights will outshine all your previous expectations for Christmas lights!

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