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Imagine this…

You have been given responsibility for decorating your place of business, or for creating a Christmas theme for a community wide event, or simply a building wide atmosphere. Your ideas are grandiose. Superb ideas that if property executed, will turn your average office building, courthouse, park, or mall into a Christmas wonderland. The problem that so many people, and businesses face is.. How do you take your theme, or ideas and turn them into a reality? The answer is quite simple actually. Winterland Inc.

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Send us specifications, make a call, do whatever it is that you have to do to contact us, and turn your Christmas dreams, into a Christmas home run reality. Our design team has years of experience decorating custom design schemes for some of the most well known, and largest casinos, zoos, museums, parks, cities, and so much more. Give them your ideas, your thought, your theme, and let us take that and morph it from a conception, into tangible decor that exceeds what you could possibly imagine for whatever you are decorating!

We have an in house production manufacturing ability to create silhouette frames that are unique to whatever setting you need them embedded into. We have created large frames to spell out phrases, logos, we even created animal frames for the Detroit and San Diego Zoo! No matter what you need, we can exceed your expectations!

To start the process of creating exciting, vibrant, and beautiful decor, contact us with specifications, colors, or other things that you want incorporated into your decorations. We are very proud of the different locations we have decorated. The SMI Motor Speedways from New Hampshire, to Texas, Charlotte, and Las Vegas. We decorate the Indiana Grand Casino in Shelbyville, Indiana. The B&O Railroad museum in Baltimore, Maryland. We have decorated a vast variety of businesses and locations, and we want to design, and decorate for you too!

A unique part of Winterland Inc, is our Light Parks. We go into locations, like the SMI Motor Speedways, and we create drive-through or walk through light shows. Everyone, children and adults alike, are caught up in the lively and energetic displays. Each light park has its own theme, and has characteristics that are exclusive to the individual light park. Though we do many large scale light parks, we also do many for the public sector as well. Stone Park, Missouri, Melbourne, Florida, and Lake Eoly, for the City of Orlando, all have custom light parks for people to walk and drive through! If you can’t tell already, the possibilities are endless for light parks, and for decorations.

What Can Winterland Inc. do for you?


Installation and Tear-Down: You have enough on your hands already with the Christmas season, and with the daily challenges of life. Our professional installation crew will assemble and disassemble all of your decor for you, from interior decorations, to an entire light show, let us handle the hassle installation and take down, of the displays for you.

Leasing: Are you are not in the market to buy the decorations, but still want the ability to decorate your business with extravagance? Take advantage of our leasing program, Contact us today or give us a call at 1-800-788-9627!

Refurbishing: Have your decorations been battered by mother nature, have they seen 1 too many Christmases but look like they have seen 9 or 10 too many? Send us your decorations, and let our highly trained craftsmen restore the former glory to your decor, and give many more years of enjoyment out of them!

Designing: Have an idea? Searching to make your idea a reality? Contact us today or give us a call at 1-800-788-9627! and let our design team take your ideas and turn them into tangible decoration

Storage: You have the decor, Christmas season is over, where do you put the decor? Don’t fret, Winterland Inc. has available storage all over the country, and for light shows while your pieces are in storage, they are being refurbished! So no matter where you are in the country, we have storage ability to protect your investment!

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