Today Winterland Inc. is a groundbreaking company in the industry; constantly looking to the future for new breakthroughs in technology to provide incredible products and service to our customers. With millions of options for interior and exterior decor, creating a custom design is what we do best. Our creative design team boasts thousands of projects for some of the country’s most premier venues: The Grand Geneva Resort, Indiana Grand Casino, Kalahari Resort-Poconos, and many more! In the field of Christmas Light Parks, Winterland Inc. shines brighter than our LED bulbs! Our in-house fabricated, steel silhouette displays are the paint, and any venue is our canvas! 

Winterland Inc. is not just limited to commercial decorating and light shows! Part of staying ahead of the curve in future trends, technological advancements, and streamline manufacturing, is providing beautifully designed and quality-oriented products for the residential customer. We stock over 5,000 different products that give endless options for decorating, all while making the process of finding the best decor simple.


While innovation is the goal for most companies, obtaining that goal while maintaining sustainability is often not met. At Winterland Inc. we established a strong relationship with our partners to ensure that our unrivaled quality products are energy efficient. By utilizing the enhanced technological qualities of L.E.D. lighting, Winterland Inc. has provided “Green” options for our lighting products. Our L.E.D. lighting is also much easier on your wallet, as the bulbs use 1/5th the power of a standard incandescent bulb.

There is no telling what Winterland Inc. is capable of, because our motto is and always will be, “If you can dream it, we can build it.” There is no telling what the future holds, whether it be technological, style trends, etc. But one thing is for sure; Winterland Inc. will be there leading the way in holiday lighting and decor! We look forward to doing business with our past, present and future customers and providing joy to all those who gaze upon the masterpieces of Winterland Inc. 

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